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Experimenting with Windows Machine Learning and Mixed Reality

If you have any question about this blog article, feel free to contact me on twitter: @meulta I have an awesome job at Microsoft: I get to work on mixing AI, Cloud and Mixed Reality experiences with partners and other… Continue Reading →

Bot framework, web chat and push notifications

This blog article is explaining how to setup web push notifications on a bot framework web chat control. For this, we will use service workers and VAPID. All the code shown here is available in this Github repository containing the… Continue Reading →

How to debug your bot with Vorlon.js

Bots. They are everywhere. Everyone talks about it and everyone wants to have one. And you, developer, always dreamt of creating your own. An artificial intelligence that you could shape and which could rule the web and, later, even the… Continue Reading →

Debug your dom history using Vorlon.js

Last version of Vorlon.js was focused on debugging JavaScript on the server thanks to the Node.js and Express.js plugins. We have been busy since then working tightly with Francois Remy┬áto help you debug DOM even easier than it already is…. Continue Reading →

Remote inspect Node.js and Express with Vorlon.js

Here we are ! A few weeks after the last release we are excited to ship Vorlon.js 0.3 to the world. ­čÖé In this version we focused to make┬ánode.js inspection better with Vorlon.js. Special thanks to Sofiene Djebali┬áwho is doing… Continue Reading →

One year of Vorlon.js

It has already been one year that we started Vorlon.js. One year full of feedbacks, new features, a lot of talks in meetups and conferences. It is really a pleasure to talk with devs and Vorlon.js users to understand what… Continue Reading →

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