Last version of Vorlon.js was focused on debugging JavaScript on the server thanks to the Node.js and Express.js plugins.

We have been busy since then working tightly with Francois Remy to help you debug DOM even easier than it already is. And it is now available in Vorlon.js 0.4 !

Introducing the DOM Timeline plugin

Modern web interfaces are more and more complex. JavaScript enables you to do a lot of changes in your DOM. How many times you hide, show or change an HTML element? And how many times you have hard time to debug these changes when something is not going well?

The goal of the DOM Timeline is to let you track the history of DOM events. You can record and then have a look at every change, add or removal that happened while you used the debugged website.

As you can see on the video, you are also able to go back in history and the website is going to be exactly as it was at that specific point in time.

Next steps

We are now in the process of getting more stuff done on the server debugging side.

Our next goal is to simplify bots developpers life!

Thanks to Camtasia for their help on the video!

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